Workers' Compensation

Don't Accept a Bad Deal After a Workplace Injury

Don't Accept a Bad Deal After a Workplace Injury

Hire a workers' compensation attorney in the Philadelphia, PA area

No one plans on getting injured at work, or losing wages because of it. It's stressful to deal with the financial burden as well as the physical injury. Fortunately, workers' compensation law might be able to help.

Work with Christopher L. Giddings, P.C. to make things right. He can serve as your workers' compensation attorney, whether you decide to settle out of court or go to trial.

You have the right to a reasonable payout after sustaining a workplace injury. Hire a lawyer in the Philadelphia, PA area to argue your case by calling 215-243-3450 now.

What does worker's compensation cover?

A wide range of expenses can be covered by workers' compensation law payouts. If you become injured on the job, you may receive:

  • Partial wages for time off work
  • Medical care reimbursement
  • Ongoing care and rehabilitation coverage
  • Legal fee coverage associated with a lawsuit

A workers' compensation attorney can stand up for you against your employer if they refuse to offer proper compensation. If your offer doesn't match your needs, reach out to Christopher L. Giddings today to discuss your rights. Schedule a visit to his Philadelphia, PA office today.